Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Jeremy Waun - New Single: "Drenched"

Jeremy Waun fascinates me. I feel like he may be a brilliant and bizarre prototype of NuHumanCreative that broke loose from some laboratory and went off into the wilds of the music scene to steadily evolve on his own. I feel like he's responding to the harmony of the spheres or some other orbital resonance we're not otherwise detecting and formulating his own musical language. For one thing, there's the versatility: he's able to shred it out with thrash-metal maniacs Child Bite, but also conjure his own face-melting psychedelic pabulum with his fretwork and lead vocals in Reverend! And now we've got this new single from Waun as a solo artist - a lush but sludgy, punk but gunky, hip-hop sauntering, 80's lo-fi recalling, space-invader-theme-song of a joint....

Jeremy Waun - Drenched from Sincerely Productions on Vimeo.

Headphones will reward the listener who can have all of the subtle reverb and dreamy delay effects splash into your ears, whether its the echoing bass, the chilly, Gary Numan recalling countermelody synths, or the caustic cymbal sounds from the sequenced beats. And then there's Waun, so in the groove with his vocal cadence, hitting curious crooning registers and intermingling a theatrical sing-speak style. I feel like this is a song that Bowie post-Berlin and 1978 early DEVO would have made if they ever got into a basement and jammed until 4am.

Sincerely ProductionsReverend

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