Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Everybody Forgives Everyone For Everything by Ancient Language

May 14
Ancient Language Release Show
Everybody Forgives Everyone for Everythingfeaturing
James Linck, Phosphor Elephants, and Mega Powers  (Eddie Logix & Pig Pen)
8 PM
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Over the last year, producer/songwriter/keyboardist/filmmaker Christopher Jarvis has worked to flourish his once bedroom-electro-odyssey into a full band with live instrumentation, blending synths with bass, guitar and saxophone. Ancient Language features bassist Zachary Jarvis, guitarist Matthew Hofman and saxophonist Matthew Beyer.

The 2nd single of their forthcoming EP, Everybody Forgives Everyone for Everything is a springtime swooner called "93 Million Miles" and it can be streamed here. If you'd like to see a live performance of this same song, you can open up Episode 7 of The Milo Show and jump to the 25:57 marker....

Jarvis has been steadily sharpening his savvy for sculpting an ever more diverse electro-trip, casting a wider, cinematic landscape for these instrumentals that supplement sublime introspection, and deeper dives into the self (or even the soul). That, or its' just idyllic music to groove to, to drive to, to just about dance to, or just to clear your head, at the end of the day, with snug headphones equipping your escapism. Thusly, the band multiplies the meditative magic of the whole shebang with some subtly psychedelic projected visuals, so don't miss it...

Phosphor Elephants, James Linck and Mega Powers will be augmenting the evening at the Marble Bar, this Saturday. Click here for more info.     

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