Friday, March 6, 2009

Empty Orchestra - shows 3/11 and 3/15

tour news:
Flint based neo-country collective Empty Orchestra have a couple of shows in the area – playing in Detroit down in the Garden Bowl Lounge (below the Magic Stick) on Mar 11th, with Finale (featuring Keith Buckley from Everytime I Die). Then, on Mar 15th, they join Langhonre Slim, a singer/songwriter similarly situated to Empty Orchestra in the melding of rock-n-roll/soul into dusty folk and Americana.

Last December (essentially, in-time for the dawn of 2009), Empty Orchestra released a fine couple of tunes on a dual-7” with now-defunct Seattle based folk-rockers The Silverbird Band. Their contributions, the lazy summer afternoon rouser “It’s All True” and the fist-clenching history lesson on workers rights movement in Michigan “The Battle of Bulls Run,” – the first one charts a swaying-to-explosive foot tapper ala (the inescapable) Uncle Tupelo while the “ballad” feels closer to the confrontational punk-like vigor of Ted Leo or Billy Bragg. The band’s sound is a fiery twang, with rustbelt flavored reaches into urban protest and rock-ified takes on classic folk. After these local shows, the band prepares for a summer-long jaunt through the south. More info at:

(photo: Brett Rhoades)

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