Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recording Update: Blasé Splee

Blasé Splee started turning heads last Spring - around the time when they opened up for Detroit's noise-pop/metal-dance quintet Child Bite, (for that band's respective CD release). But since then, the quintet's been slightly under the radar, laboring away on the follow up to last year's self-titled EP - which fleshed out the band's literate indie-flavored take on 70's soul and hard chugging guitar rock that leaned slightly toward a rootsy, Americana vibe - all glitz-ified with a freewheeling, sunny pop sensibility.

The band (Michael Frelick, Carl Larson, Jonathan A. Berz, David Wisbiski, Thomas Tesnow) have been working on the follow-up, Et Cetera, over the last year - and offered a sample CD to any one who crossed their path during last week's Metro Times Blowout. The preview (download here) shows a band even more comfortable in their sound and style - organ/piano-led quirky-troubador folk ala-Tom Waits, but given a nigh-house-party vibe with waltzy vigor (think Man Man's circusy freakouts with soul/psyche revivalism ala Kelly Stoltz), propulsed with an undeniably straight-forward rock raucous guitar shred and drum shambled glory.

You can listen more here. - And, look for them at their CD release party (a ways down the calendar) on June 6 - at Small's (Hamtramck) with Sh! The Octopus and Macramé Tiger. Also, here - you can download their debut EP.

(photo: Carrie Ann Barr)

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