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Reading Day: Six Years of War

Deep Cutz -
State of the Union:
Iraq - six years later

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* from Detroit Free Press, (from the AP) 3 / 19:
Total number of U.S. troops who have died as of Tuesday: at least 4,259.

• from Michigan, 156;

Total wounded in action as of Feb. 28: at least 31,102.

Total wounded, including for nonhostile reasons: at least 36,106.


Total number deaths as of Tuesday: at least 307.


More than 91,121 killed since the 2003 invasion, according to the Iraq Body Count database.


United States
• March 31, 2003: 90,000.
• Now: 138,000.
• Month with highest level of troops in Iraq: October 2007, at 166,000.

• Total number of countries at war's beginning, including the United States: 31
• Now: 4 -- United States, Britain, Australia, Romania.


• Total trained and equipped, July 2005: approximately 171,300.

• Total trained to date: 561,159.


More than $605 billion, according to the National Priorities Project. According to the Congressional Research Service, Congress has approved more than $657 billion so far for the Iraq war.

• In August 2008, the Congressional Budget Office projected that additional war costs for the next 10 years could range from $440 billion to $865 billion.

Total tab for Iraq war, accounting for continued military operations, growing debt and interest payments and continuing health care and counseling costs for veterans: At least $3 trillion, according to economists Linda Bilmes and Joseph Stiglitz.

As of November 2008, there were at least 2.8 million people still displaced inside Iraq.

Associated Press


Stay Informed:
Six Years of War in Iraq (from Huffington Post)

Obama Loses Phrase "Enemy Combatants," But Detention System Remains the Same (AlterNet)

No More 'Enemy Combatants' -- But Is Obama Merely Rebranding Bush's 'War on Terror'? (AlterNet)


Get Involved:
Amnesty International

Democracy Now!

Support Our Troops!


Campaign To Ban Torture

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors

Educators For Social Responsibility

Grassroots Peace

Iraq Veterans Against The War

Librarians For Peace

Military Families Speak Out

Peace Action

Stop War On Iran

Veterans For Peace

link to Swathmore College Peace Collection:

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