Monday, March 16, 2009

Man At Arms - "Swamp Things"

This is a band that I unfortunatley missed during the Blowout last week in Hamtramck - but there seemed to be quite a lot of interest swirling around this Ann Arbor-and-Cleveland-based duo: eyelid tearing freak-toned spindly guitars, viscera-shattering tribal drums - you know, all that gritty punk and metal stuff, but focused with deadly precision...It shakes and it shambles and it's hard - ...can at times feel like the middle ground of Child Bite and Wildcatting - with more of a Brainiac feel thrown in... (it's early and I haven't had coffee...please excuse the name-dropping description)
you'll do better to check out their myspace here:

and a video here: "Swamp Things"

They have a full length out on Joyful Noise - "A Waste of Time And Space" more info here
and a song
Man At Arms - "Title Track (A Waste of Time And Space)"

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