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Your Guide to Blowout Success - by Mr. Zach Norton of Child Bite

[ed. Part 4 of our Metro Times Blowout series - where the local bands performing make their personal picks / schedule plans - in terms of navigating the 20-venues and 200-bands spread across 4 days (March 4th-March 7th) in the trenches of Hamtramck.]

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(Child Bite guitarist Zach Norton)

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Child Bite plays The Magic Stick on Wednesday (3/4) with The Electric Fire Babies, Silverghost and The Octopus.

(from Norton):

*Special Note: This plan is all very hypothetical. I don’t think I’ll be there all four nights. And even for the nights that I am there, my plans will likely be altered by my friends (you know, it’s all about fun), how much I drink, where I can get a ride to, and how far away these shows are from each other (that’s something I didn’t consider at all while I wrote this).

I think Wednesday night is usually the most fun, since everybody is so concentrated in one place. We’re playing at the Magic Stick, which is nice, since I would probably spend the entire night there anyway. I really like Silverghost. A lot. The Octopus sounds good from what I’ve heard about them. I love riffs and stoner rock. I don’t know a thing about Electric Fire Babies, except that Mr. Carjack is in that band, and I like him, so I’m going to watch them. That all works out nicely for me.

Thursday... probably the best looking night for me. I’ll start with the weird, wild pop of Blasé Splee, in the K of C Lounge. Next my great buddies the Word Play are at the Belmont (their new album just came out, and is awesome). However, I might skip out on them to watch Ms. Crème at Trowbridge House, though. She’s new to Blowout and they called her out on the Blowout homepage, so I listened to her single myspace track, and it ruled. Big electro bass line, smooth backing vocals, and super cocky lyrics about how hot she is, and how expensive her stuff is. I’m into it. Next, is the Plain Dealers at the Painted Lady. It’s Marty and Mike, formerly of Thunderbirds Are Now, plus Monday from The Trembling/New Grenada and Mark from the Salt Miners. The description from their web site is awesome, “…let’s just say we’d be huge in the ’90s — playing vegan grocery stores.” I might leave a couple songs before the finish to catch the last of Deastro’s set at the K of C Hall. I’ll definitely be there on time for the Silent Years, since besides them being one of the best bands in Detroit, I have special ties with them.

(Norton pick:
Ms. Creme)

...things will be easier for me to figure out. I’ll start at the K of C Lounge to see Allan James & The Cold Wave. I’ve never seen them, and I’m not sure what they sound like, but that AJ character is a compelling dude. Next, I will see the Terrible Twos in the K of C Hall, because I love intense and awesome live bands. I haven’t seen them since we played with them at Detour Fest this summer. We’ve been trying to work out shows together here and there, but nothing has panned out. I’m especially pumped for this. After that, it’s Wildcatting at Paycheck’s. Stoner riffs, drawn out noise breakdowns, really great drummer. I’ll finish the night with City Center at the K of C Lounge, which is a Fred Thomas project. I like that guy.

Saturday ...
...will start with the Frustrations at the Painted Lady. Sean Clancy (our bass player) recently recommended them to me. Next, I’ll head over to the Belmont to see Smoke, followed by Friendly Foes to see if a spontaneous collaboration sparks, similar to last year (between Smoke and Ryan’s other band TAN). If things don’t look too steamy between them, I might leave early to watch the Detroit Cobras, because I’ve always liked them.
And then I’ll go home.

The end.
Have fun.

Child Bite

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