Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 3 into Day 4

The patio (upstairs at the Magic Stick) was sufficiently populated, throughout the afternoon. Which was heartening, considering the day got started just an hour past high noon. Bodies packed into those stabbing metal chairs and leaned back with the cozy toe tapping grin of a lazy summer's day...

The electro glam goth pop of Sex Ghost started things off, Leif Erikson brought in the much needed hip/hop element, Sik-Sik Nation offered their stately live show's blend of psyche and blusey-hard rock, Mick Bassett & The Marthas (pictured) showed us some of their sunnier, summertime ballads, (things always feel happier in the major chords) and Aran Ruth brought the meditative synth-swoons.

Then 8 'oclock hit...

From there, everything blurred...for many of us. I had grand plans to get a walk in, between that hour or so before the next band went on, but wound up staying...just as many did. After nearly three full days, and all that loungey-bonding we all went through on the breezy-sunny deck, the Majestic was starting to get that club house vibe.
Then Jesus Chainsaw Massacre went on and we all kinda woke back up...Provacative, nosiy, obnoxious, (Suicide meets Andy Kaufman in his girl-wrestling era)...presenting us a skit that only people following Eat This City would actually understand, even if the toga of Metro-Times being ripped off was still funny to anyone passing through the bar. Leif Erikson would join on vocals, with Sik Sik Nation on guiar and an inevitable drum circle. wasn't even 10 o'clock yet.

I,Crime killed it. They always do. ...Damn. Always good to see New Grenada. Burgeoning surf rockers DevilFish are getting tighter. The Pizazz were also sturdy...(is their record out yet?)
Mike Milo was on photo detail for Silverghost and F'ke Blood (photos on the way).

Meanwhile, across town, a heartening crowd, rather large considering all the shit that was going on, gathered at the Northern Lights for the release of Canadian Dew by Scarlet Oaks (on Bellyache Records). Review here.

Today - at Awesome Fest

Woodman's on the lanes at 9:30pm / Computer Perfection will follow them, at 10 pm in the bar / Marco Polio & The New Vaccines will be upstairs along with Lee Marvin Computer Arm, City Center and Deastro.
Also today - GOLD (in Rochester)

with The Hard Lessons, Zoos of Berlin and Millions of Brazilians - plus at least 10 other bands, fire jugglers, rock walls and lots of art!

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