Thursday, August 20, 2009

Silent Years Remix

...been out running around today. Now, I've finally returned to my computer. If you're logging on here, and you haven't already picked it up from Eat This City - then here it is for the first time (...or, again)--

Deastro and Silent Years are two of the most prominent and brilliant songwriting outfits in Detroit. Both cast with adroit musicians, their singers, Randy Chabot and Josh Epstein, respectively, are known for their visionary pop-song-craftsmenship..., so naturally they became fast friends a while back. Collaborations were inevitable, but for the Silent Years, letting Deastro remix a song from their latest EP, Let Go, was a new step for them - since they hadn't been remixed before. Still, Epstein said he could think of no one better than Chabot. Said Epstein, "...His enthusiasm for music is inspiring so I'm glad he's the first to do a remix for us."

more info here - and at the band's myspaces

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