Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Losing The News

There was a great interview/discussion this week, on Fresh Air (NPR), with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Alex Jones, on the deterioration of objective journalism, in the age of blogs, twitters and 24-hour-news-network pundits.

"For over a century," Jones writes, "Americans have had as a birthright a remarkably good — though far from perfect — core of reported news that is as essential to our freedom as the Constitution itself. But the times we live in trigger an unsettling cascade of questions about journalism and news."

What good or harm will it do us, if everything we get is slanted?

For blogs and pundits, the five W's are often altered: Who (-ever I want to talk about), What (depending on my/our interests), Where, When, and Why (I think it happened, or why-I think it's important...and why-you should think I'm right)

Listen/read here.

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