Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Silverghost ( 8-8 at Theatre Bizarre and Saturday 8-15 in Majestic Cafe for Fucking Awesome Fest)
The Place To Start: Silverghost
Photo: Trever Long

Silverghost aren’t the first band I’ve heard say, “…we’re just having fun right now.”

It may be a defense mechanism meant to keep ones cool in the face of rising popularity, a back-to-earth mantra. Actually, all these fun shows just “makes us want to work harder,” singer/guitarist Deleano Acevedo said.

Singer/guitarist Marcie Bolan said, “It’s fun experimenting thus far. I think we’ve figured out what we want to do sound-wise, but it’s fun to add new things, or take away things.”

The duo started as a quartet (with drum and bass) in the last summer days of 2007 – eventually refashioning into a duo (with sequencer and synth) in the fertile-freeze of winter 2008. As 2008 became 2009, the band started playing more out of state shows, in Los Angeles and Chicago and released both a 7” and an EP. They opened for the Handsome Furs, and recently the Datsuns.

In July, they headlined a stage at CityFest; a romp of a rock show to a sea of undulating bodies, joined by Joey Mazzola (from Detroit Cobras) on guitar and Tiffany Gazic on vocals. Ben Luckett (from The Readies) provided live drums that night and has since, sort-of joined as a performing member.

With infectious romantic/new-wave pop ditties like “So Lost Now,” heavenly wafted melodies, wresting guitar grinds and steady clacked dance beats, attendance at Silverghost shows is not only growing, but increasingly grooving. “I get really excited to see people dancing to the songs that I wrote,” said Bolan, whose tenure with rockers like Von Bondies often meant receptions of head-banging or light-to-moderate-moshing, at best. “This I feel is more satisfying.”

The band’s currently recording demos and hope to enter the studio soon.

“There’s a lot of layering going on,” said Acevedo. “A fuller sound, but all over the board, from straight forward rock to weird psychedelic, shoegaze/folk.”

As stated, the band’s up for anything, embracing the fun. When Luckett came for a writing session, Bolan capriciously enticed, “Just come up with some drumbeats and Deleano will play like, a scary keyboard part and I'll come in with some Gang of Four kinda gutiar thing and then we'll go from there.”

Expect a full length later this year. As well as more touring and more dancing.
Aug 8 at Theatre Bizarre

August 15th at Fucking Awesome Fest (11:15 pm in the Majestic Cafe)

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Nick Enright (Sound) said...

Stolen Media 5 was rescheduled to Friday the 14th. (Even though Silvergost came to the impromptu intermission party and were incredible.) The new lineup is: Los Minstrels Del Diablo, Silverghost, Electric Lions, Gardens, and Bride Stripped Bare. Doors at 9pm.