Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black Heart Procession - 11 / 6 - Crofoot

So it may be coming a week after Halloween - but, if you still didn't get enough goth, enough spook, enough grimy grooves, enough macabre music - then maybe you can head up to the Pike Room to check out the broodish spaced-out atmospheric indie-rock of The Black Heart Procession - 11 / 6 - at the Crofoot in Pontiac. The band (started by Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel) started out of the recently reunited Three Mile Pilot.

Last month they released the long-awaited Six full length. Their latest release features bristling ballads like "Rats" and "Witching Stone" and devils and alleys and blood and staying alive. They're joined in Pontiac by Bellini - more info at the Crofoot's myspace

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