Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DC Up and Coming: Jetpack On!

Jetpack On!'s sound has a lot of muscle to it, with those relentless burning guitars and radio-ready rhythms; at it's heart it's really just rock - a very angular, hard-cutting pop with guitars that shimmer like fist-clenched boxers ready to sweat and scream into the cavernous innards of an arena. It's youthful, it's rollicking, it's guitar-heavy, but the vocals are smooth and it's full of hooks.

Jetpack On!

The current quartet started when singer/songwriter Ryan Hoger, a young Commerce Township guitarist who'd banded around the metro area for a while, decided to start working on his own stuff for once - and avoid all the headaches of, well, ya know, dealing with other people.

One person Hoger did end up dealing with was fellow musician Mick Maslowski, who offered Hoger his studio to record. Hoger recorded seven songs, with Maslowski producing and mixing and Hoger playing everything.

"After that," said Hoger, "we basically had the 'Lets fucking do this' mentality, and formed the band, with my close friends Nick D'agostino (bass) and his brother Vince (on drums)."

Listen on their myspace and find out how to get their EP

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