Monday, October 12, 2009

Hounds Below - Crocodiles - Horrors - 10-12 - Magic Stick

So tonight could be the first taste for many Detroit show-goers, of Jason Stollsteimer's revitalized Hounds Below project - seeing as, for 2009, so far, they've only played two Michigan shows: a random weeknight with the Black Hollies a month ago and then an opening slot at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor.

Now they're paired with the incorrigibly hip Horrors - who have an admirable balance between the stylish-haircut-arty-atmosphero-rock thing ("Who Can Say") and a more rough and cutting, shout and scrape post-punk thing ("She Is The New Thing") - You can stream the whole of their latest, Primary Colors here -

Also on this bill is Crocodiles, along the same lines of that sleek dressed in black swagger type of rock - but heavier on the echoey-reverb, shambled cymbals and overtures of psychedelia - still riding the release of their debut full Summer of Hate. Download that album's title track here.

The Hounds open things up with their blend of early 60's soul and waltzy 50's crooner pop - the rhythms flirt with motown, the guitars echo and surf like 60's west coast pop and it's all warmed up nicely with the organ/keyboard - allowing Stollsteimer to stretch his voice over more settled landscapes.
The line up includes: Brandon Mcdonald (Qualia) on drums, Molly Jean Schoen (The Decks) on bass, Sean Lynch (800-Beloved) on guitar, Jeremy Freer (The Juliets) on keys and Ben Collilns (Lightning Love) on guitar.
A septet can be hard to round up - for things other than rehearsal or shows - which is why at deadline, photographer Trever Long could only snag a shot of Jason - but you can see the whole band tonight if you like...)
Interview coming next week.

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