Friday, November 6, 2009

CCFA Fundraiser - at Small's - with The High Strung, Electric Fire Babies, Woodman and Charlie Slick

Meaghan's running in Vegas to cure Chron's and Colitis - and she needs your help - and if you give it to her - she'll provide you with great live music! The local arts/music supporter (and School of Rock associate) is raising money for her marathon in Vegas - and provides a strong line up from a wide arc of different genres -

Small's Bar hosts a fundraiser for the Chron's and Colitis Foundation - on 11 / 14 - come support a good cause while also checking out soulful indie/punk rock - (The High Strung) - percolatin' space-punk techno rap (The Electric Fire Babies) - folk-tinged space rock (Woodman) and new-wave reverent irresistable electro-dance (Charlie Slick--pictured) and the Paul Green School of Rock House Band


more info at Small's

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