Thursday, November 5, 2009

Loving Touch

There's a birthday bash for Ferndale's hip, glossy, bashfully-named pool hall, The Loving Touch - that simultaneously provides relief to Tara Lennon - a friend to TLT and strong local supporter, who met with a real bad bike wipe-out on her way home from volunteering at September's DIY Street Fair - leaving her with needed reconstruction work and no insurance.

So, as we gather to celebrate one full year at the Loving Touch, we can also help out a friend. While you're there, shooting pool, downing porters or hanging out in "the forest," you can check out five local bands - including DJs Erno The Inferno, Joe Vargas, and Reverend Robert David.

The line up includes DC favs like Blase Splee (who've had a solid year with the release of their LP and a strong showing at Dally) and Macrame Tiger (up-and-comin indie-rockers with a taste for theatrical entertaining/intriguing live shows) - along with Manolete, The A Gang and Bahamut.

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