Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Minute Travel Guides - Pigeon/Oscillating Fan Club

Hello again - welcome back to DC's Blowout coverage - er...blowout promotion - or what-have-you...

Here - Here - Here and Here - you can read four other paired packages of Detroit bands offering their "picks" for this week's gargantuan local-music-festival - in the hamlet of Hamtramck - brought you by Metro Times for the lucky-#-13th year - Mar 3 (starting at the Majestic Theatre Complex) and the next three days Mar 4/5/6 - taking over Hamtramck, schedule here.

With a few stragglers finishing their ScanTrons, putting down their # 2 pencils and finally traipsing up to the desk, we have some late returns from more bands on the way - featuring, today, Ray Thompson, guitarist/singer of both Pigeon (performing Friday, 9:40 - Small's) and The Oscillating Fan Club (performing Saturday night, 1am - at Skippers)

Here's Ray's Blownout greetings:

RT: "Is it that time already? I can't believe it! It seems as though it happened just yesterday! It's true though, the Hamtramck Binge Drinking Festival XIII is finally upon us and, apparently, this year there is live music!"

HBXIII : pros- good music, exercise, dancing with strangers
HBXIII : cons - blurry vision, slurred speech, getting into the cars of strangers

"So, (my) blowout walking tour:


I'm working! Tell me how Computer Perfection was...(10pm Majestic Cafe) ...still haven't seen them but i've heard good things!


8:40 - Small's - SNAKEWING - kick it off loud and angry to get the blood flowing

10:20 - Paycheck's- CARJACK - I like the future

11:20 - Paycheck's - ZOOS OF BERLIN - no brainer


9:40 - I will be incapacitated at Small's (Pigeon set). (Ed. - PS, even if Pigeon doesn't link out on the MT's schedule page - I think this link will work.)

10:40 - Small's - BARS OF GOLD - probably my pick of the blowout!

11:00 - Jean's - BEEKEEPERS - ...catch 'em after BoG

12:00 - K of C (aka G of C) - OCTOPUS -...who doesn't want to listen and look at Masha?

12:40 - Kelly's - HI-SPEED DUBBING - ...becoming a favorite!


9:20 - Paycheck's - DEVILFISH - ...Pierce beats me

10:20 - Paycheck's - DUENDE! - ...Duende! owes me money

11:20 - Jean's - PRUSSIA - ...they have aged horribly, (its quite the spectacle!)

12:00 - K of C - SILVERGHOST - ...they rock

1:00 - Skipper's - OFC - ...what the fuck is Skippers?!?!??... I'm not going to a place called Skipper's at 1:00 am in the morning!!!

More info at the MT

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