Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Secret Twins reveal their personal playlists

 Real Detroit has the "in my ear" feature - which, will soon feature singer/guitarist Dina Bankole (of sweetly shredded indie-rock duo the Secret Twins) and her top ten records that she's been spinning lately.

But, since that column has such limited space - Dina, and Deep Cutz, wanted to go beyond the quick and dirty listing - and actually provide insight into the artist's preference. So here's Dina, her list, and her thoughts -

(And then, as Real Detroit is featuring Dina specifically to emphasize the fact that, she is female, and that it is in promotion of the Crofoot's staggering collection of impressive female artists in it's "Women" art/music celebration on 2/13 - DC wanted to still offer drummer Tim (Timmy) Thomas the chance to form his list - even if he's got a Y, he helped me finally/fully appreciate The Wipers).

Turns out their both big Javelins and Leslie Gore fans... - see them 2/13 at the Crofoot.

CLOUD NOTHINGS - turning on (cassette/cd)
really great debut album. won't leave the car for awhile. this is quite the passenger pleaser.

very nice vibe. and they're actually stopping by Detroit on their tour! woo!

TWIN SISTER - vampires with dreaming kids EP
geez another twin band!? GINGER = REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT

CHILD BITE - fantastic gusts of blood
definitely stole the show for me at Mittenfest, but definitely.

JAVELINS - heavy meadows
band "van" music. stwins has been rocking this quite a bit on the way to gigs and band excursions. our monster jam posse became new fans en masse.

BROADCAST - tender buttons
where has this band been all my life!?

BEACH HOUSE - teen dream
streaming this via NPR at work makes surviving to the end of the day a little less improbable

long awaited vinyl acquisition (for a whoooole lotta money on ebay)! my favorite WedPres album (introduced to me by Lucas = STWINS secret weapon / guest bassist / Hospital Garden frontman) prep for the Pike Room show in April!

BEST COAST - all 7"s+ tape
Timmy and I are super big on Leslie Gore so this comes naturally to us as well!

BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS - kouya in okeru bloodthirsty butchers (bloodthirsty butchers of the wild)
20+ years strong! one of the BEST bands of Japan and one of my very favorites. this is one of those rare, beginning to end amazing albums that sucker punches you everytime.


Johnny Ill Band 7"
Juice Boxxx, 7" Thunder Jam #5, #6
Leslie Gore, Golden Hits of Leslie Gore
Terrible Two's full length
Wipers, Is This Real?
The KLF, The White Room
DJ Shadow, Diminishing Returns
Javelins, Heavy Meadows
Erica Badu, World Wide Underground
Best Coast, 7"s and tapes

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