Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blowout Spectacles

As if it wasn't hard enough for the more worn, traveled or experienced to choose where to go and what to see - this forthcoming mad merry-go-round through Hamtramck - we have a slew of bands going for broke and making spectacles out of their sets.

I'm not sure what Illy Mack is planning...but rumor has it, singer Jen David (who also helms guitar, sax, keys...and sometimes a cymbal) won't even be playing instruments by the end of the set...Thursday at Small's

JSB Squad is assembling again - packed with members of the Satin Peaches and probably seven other local bands... the combined ages of the players crowding the stage for their Gates of Columbus stage set, Thursday, will probably be between 440 to 500!

And... MC hip/hop collective Cold Men Young will be joined by a live backing band - they combine with the soul/pop/reggae flares of House Phone's players - get a sampling of both - below:
picture this:

House Phone - Me And My Machine (Music Video) from throwback media on Vimeo.

set to this:

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