Monday, March 21, 2011

Gun Lake - Balfour

Gun Lake makes the kind of music that spurs your anxious feet towards the door, out, into the world, through the woods and into the range of nature's sensations, from stinging breezes to austere overcast haze to warming sunshine - as the acoustic guitar strums, piano plodded acoutrements, fuzzed and clattered atmospheric corners and tumbling rhythms can mimic the same kind of uniquely earthy exhilerations...

Layered vocals soar atop wistful melodies with words altogether heartbreaking and nostalgic, earnest and poignant...with a steady pounding beat and intricately percolated guitar picking - it's a resplendent LP's worth of ethereal takes on Americana and neo-folk.

As singer/songwriter Mark Fain writes, "Balfour is a place so worth going to that you will put yourself through hell to get there..." Download it for free here.

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