Sunday, March 13, 2011

Patrick Davy & the Ghosts EP Giveaway - 3/26 - Small's

Citizen Smile
Suns of Sam

Benefit show for Wound Menswear/Motor City Sewing
The take at the door goes to support local clothing designer/entrepreneur Sarah Lapinski's Wound Menswear and Motor City Sewing- -"a dedicated, talented group of people," said Lapinski's friend, Davy, himself. "She provides a lot of space, material and expertise for a growing number of talented people. She gives people a reason to stay here, and we need that." More info on WM/MCS

Patrick Davy sounds primed to reach for this town’s power-pop torch (passed by, say, a Brendon Benson type), only add more crashing gusto in the guitars and more hearts worn upon his lyrical sleeves.

Davy has a very summery-toned midrange voice that occasionally evokes ostensible singer/songwriter tenderness or some other kind of throaty belted, jangled-up road trip rock ambience, but the instrumental aspects thrive on feedback fired brio; “Don’t You Tell Me” opens with thundering drums and a fast, keyed-up bass groove before a strident guitar roars out this cathartic hook, demonstrating the ensemble’s keenness for the aggressive aesthetic – thus, the counterpoint for the more playful aspects of the pop-side of the Ghosts’ coin, with smooth vocals, ear-worming melodies and swaggering hooks.

Take a song like the marathon “Summer Moon” which morphs from some alt-rock shredded, soaring pop ballad to an exorcising psychedelic blues jam. Davy’s own lyrics mirror this treading-of-dual-shores (sunny pop to noisy rock) in their varying elucidations, “Slow Sad Story” is a subdued, goosebump prickling lullaby from a weary heart “I will surrender before you take me…” but on the more visceral rocking opener, a fired up lover assures “I will hunt down those who hurt you and hang them from a Linden Tree…”

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