Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lightning Bolt - 4/2 - Neutral Zone (Ann Arbor)

A lot of fierce adjectives flank any fly-by of this revered (feared?) noise-rock duo.

Indeed, count Lightning Bolt as one of the most integral molders of this modern experimental (er, noise...?) music, particularly when it comes to the disorientingly dazzling orchestration of loud, roaring feedback.

After five albums blending industrial to free-jazz atop quaking guitars and pummeling drums, their "guerilla-style" live performance has attained legendary status. They're joined by Ohio's Capillary Action and Ann Arbor's own Wolf Eyes, inside the cavernous Neutral Zone's performance space. 417 E. Liberty St, Ann Arbor;

Take a listen to "Colossus" from their most recent Earthly Delights (on Loaded Records)

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