Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Opening Day

I realized this about a month ago... that-, around Detroit, those of us ricocheting round this music scene's gaping pinball machine of venues, practice spaces and shoddy stages, -we run on a calendar rhythm that mirrors a baseball season.

February, out at the shows, regardless of how are knocked out of the park, so to speak, it still just feels like spring training. We're still stretching, getting our timing back, loosening up.

Blowout...that's opening day.
"Play ball" echoes simultaneously across 15 venues, all at once. I mean, I personally can't stand the actual sport of baseball. But, if opening day's arcing activities feels anything like the keen exhilaration imbuing any music head like me on a night where there the city just feels totally alive with the noisy expression of my neighbors... then, yeah...
I get it. I get the thrill.

Now it feels like the season properly starts. Local albums start popping out. Rookies phenom's start showing their dynamism, savvy veterans display that they still have tricks up their sleeves.

And color commentators like me try to keep our rants fresh.

I don't have anything profound for you yet... It's only the first game.

Schedule of festivities for tonight-- can be found here.

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