Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Currently Listening: SelfSays

Not that I need to tell you about what Urb.com already propped... The "little things" and "little songs" that Michigan's Charles Vann subtly stitches together into declarative, angular hip/hop grooves...may not stay that so little much longer...
You can get his Something out of Nothing EP, for free, here...in the run-up to his forthcoming Lost and Found EP (-Earnest Endeavors).
"This is real life...a movie in which I exist...you couldn't write yourself a better script..." he affirms over a beguiling beat that seems to almost stumble a bit while a slightly aloof horn sample languorously lilts...on "Real Life Pt 1" before an awkward cut, a teasing of aesthetics, and the surge of ominous strings saw under computery wrung-ups... Fuzzed beats that clatter and cut fast, discreet, never overwhelming any piece and often juking or flitting under a quirky marriage between samples of left-field, glitchy, electro-elements with warmer, soul/r&b-tinged horns and strings... while his vocal cadence displays exceptional adaptability - laying upon an already unique structure that works against mainstream hip/hop's typical rhythmic reliances and coming out comfortable, natural, thus continually captivating, laid upon the more jittery tumbles of songs like "This Evening..."

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