Monday, May 10, 2010

Gardens - Thursday - New 7"

..."has it all" is a cliche I particularly begrudge...(blasted hyperbolic marketing, as though your salad bar is going to quench my very-particular bean and radicchio-hankerings, as though all you think I really need in a movie are plastic faces, long legs, car chases and explosions) ...that said, this show....Gardens' new 7" release party at PJs Lager House on Thursday...certainly does, admittedly, have...a lot, if not, 'it all...' at least from a show-goer's experience.

First and cull you out down the streetlight-glowing cobblestoned Michigan Avenue of Corktown on a can take in a performance from Gardens (pictured), with their particular style of fast, jangled, jittery twang-punk (listen here) and then check out their new release, a 7" on Just for the Hell of It Records.

Next, you could, as I did, discover what feels aptly described as "...Lansings' best kept secret from Detroit" (lazy cherry-picked quote from all your facebook invites, please forgive), that being The People's Temple - heavy on the resonant, pedal-warped surf-guitars and hazy desert traipsing druggy dirgey psyche-pop affairs - looking forward to it.

Third, you could, as is always diplomatic of us as a local music community, come out and support (or at least nod-to,) a band that's made their way to us from overseas, France's The Dreams (take a listen).

And then, show extra support to one of my favorites (at the least--based upon a particularly fiery and inspird set from the Blowout), that being, The Sugarcoats, (pictured above^) (listen here).

All of that - plus the kitchen's open into the evening and taking your orders - so you can load up on barbecued slabs of whatever to fit between buns thus to soak up all the alcohol you may or may not imbibe.

That's not " all." But, c'mon, that's certainly a lot.

5/13 - PJs Lager -
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