Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Invisible People 5/15 - Ferndale Library

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Here's an interview to catch you up on the mischief-maven/animosity-spurring pair of musician/blogger/writers and an overview of exploits through the last 3-ish years.

Bryan Metro and -jr have been posting sharp, scathing commentary about all the Detroit shows they've been attending...blunt (often bellicose) band reviews and hyperbolic spills born from people-watching or actuall nose-to-nose encounters kept lots of internet-clickers entertained and incensed over the last two years.

All the while, Metro was penning a book inspired by all of these events - the result is Invisible People

...which coalesces this season as a joint novel/soundtrack (combining Metro's narrative with -jr's musical soundtrack accompaniment). They'll be reading chapters - performing as their band The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre and will welcome hip-hop artist Sheefy Mcfly to provide interludes - as part of a Prevue Reading/Listening Party - May 15th - at the Ferndale Public Library (642 E. Nine Mile, Ferndale) - from 6pm-8pm - with refereshments offered).

The book follows Metro--the-character, as a "quasi-celebrity on the cusp" in the music community of Michigan who carries himself with predictably high reserves of self-confidence and strong self-regard--as he "tries his luck" in the big cities he finds fame, success, excess and fleeting glory but quickly spirals into the dark-side of his newly conquered world...returning home to find "the greatest horror of all..."

It (the book,) will vascillate between "drama, comedy, romance, thriller" and "self-help." "Metro" (as an alias of Robby Starr) has drawn from his experiences in the music scene and entertainment world to develop this over-the-top persona that acts as a satire of the superficial nature of society and "a cautionary tale for those who take it too far." He aims for an independent release of the book, his debut novel, this fall.

The book is divided into three parts, each with it's own theme ranging: "hollow socity" - "vigilante justice" - (and finally) "true love."

6pm - Ferndale Library - Reading

Music from JCM and Sheefy Mcfly

(I know many have their differences with this pair - but... for one, this book may offer perspective as to all the ire they stirred up in the (mostly) electronic/written spere and the (sometimes) physical sphere - but, hey, if you need another reason - at least come to support your local library)

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