Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Part 4 - DIY Launch Fest - Th/Fr/Sat/Sun/Mon - Loving Touch


Just show up every night if you want entertainment with good people, good vibes and a nice atmosphere. Just show up.

Thursday night, potential basement artists and craft auteurs can sign up for their own space at the 3-day September art festival in Ferndale. Friday night, musicians can sign up to perform on the main stage.

Saturday Night, there's a Bellyache Records showcase, with Woodman, Electric Fire Babies, Swamp Sisters and The Muggs.

The Loving Touch is a pool hall, technically - but it's also a bar and, lately, it's been hosting some decent shows, nestled nearby it's "garden" lounge area. It's located at Troy and Woodward in Ferndale (right next door to the W.A.B.).

For more info on all the days, head to DIYSF's site, or this recent DC post/ramble.

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