Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zoos : Elk : Coyote : Jesus : 5-7--lager

^That has to rank in, at least, my top-4 favorite headlines...

Stately, shimmery, baroque-pop quartet Zoos of Berlin is welcoming Justin Stein from NY to play a show at the Lager House. Stein is known as Elk, a harmony-fracturing, noise-pop angled, dreamy-synth-sheen of girl-group cheer meets experimental-prog-tinged drone - like riding a tilt-o-whirl right before the fair closes, you're grinning and giddy but also dizzy from the shifts, risings and lowering, all the while eyes dazed and glizted by the flashing lights and rising meditative moon. (It could likely fit with what us Detroiters have gotten used to via City Center or Randy Chabot's latest musings.)

Then again, Elk also pairs nicely with the burgeoning swirly synth/dance-pop of Coyote Clean Up, who just released an album (Double Trouble Doo Doo Bubble on Afternoonsmodeling.

These three join together with the strident garage-rock extravaganza of Jesus Chainsaw Massacre to complete what is one of the more eclectic line ups in a while..., 5/7 at PJs Lager House.

For an idea of what that night will look like:

For a idea of what that night will sound like......GO

Then, Saturday.... GO here


And read an interview/feature on (this MCB event, here)

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