Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Satori Circus makes Hell seem Funy - 7/9 & 7/10 at 1515 Broadway with the Dambacher Bros.

An invigorating, weird, winding soul-search for one white-faced clown turns into some sort of cabaret-jotted odyssey into a freaked and flamboyant vision of Alighieri's Divine Comedy, via the flim-flanked, costume piled performance art of Funy As Hell -

Recently posted up to be eligible for Best Theatre Group, the dadaist vaudevillian, Satori Circus, paired with the Dambacher brothers, will recreate their dreamy/nightmarey/devlish disection that graced the stages of Meadowbrook (up in Rochester) and Yale University (over in New Haven CONN) respectively - two days (7/9 and 7/10) at 1515 Broadway.
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satoricircus said...

Thanks Jeff...Much Love...and soon BEERS!!!
Cheers/Hugs/and my Very Best