Thursday, June 23, 2011

Changing Landscapes - First Belmont, now Bart - (+House Phone / Blue Moon Scavenger Hunt)

The Belmont, of Hamtramck, location of many memorable Detroit rock n roll concerts, has changed owners and now its amplifiers are quiet.
"Cheers and tears..."

Club Bart closes on Sunday. Ferndale's humble hub for rock, jazz, blues and stand-up, was just beginning, it seems, to get on a roll (so to speak), with hosting special events (like tribute nights with crammed line ups of enthusiastic local performers for John Lennon and Hank Williams...and the special Duensedays-- Wednesday night specials hosted by Duende-as-veritable-'house-band' with a revolving cast of opening performers).

Ferndale's Patch has a story with readers sharing memories for this bluecollar bistro as renowned for its breakfast fare as it was for its ardent support of local music. Details of Club Bart's recent changing of owners were not fully available as of this morning, so just stay tuned to the Patch.

While I have your attention...

 happening, tonight @ the Loving Touch in Ferndale. Up for grabs: a 7" single from the lounge-conjuring, jazz-rock dashing, soul-popsters House Phone - (my personal fav cut from their first few songs)~Listen:


And in the meantime gear-up for a scavenger hunt - Saturday at 5pm (leading into the 5th Blue Moon in June).

There's some sort of secret concert occurring

(this is Scotty, -he plays in Crappy Future)

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