Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not In The Face

Everything was everywhere last night.
Hopefully everyone was able to sufficiently (and satisfyingly) lose themselves at whatever song-pact-ceremony whereupon they settled...

It's uselessly maddening to worry about what you show you could have been at - when you can just as easily permit thyself to dive into proactively maddening experiences at the edge of the stage of the shack whereupon you wound up.

It's Detroit. There's noise and noisemakers everywhere. Don't look at the clock and wonder if you can make it to somewhere else in time for someone else's set, cuz inevitably you'll take yourself out of the moment(s) that's spasming live, right in front of you... (Like a CaveMan getting into a street fight).

I'm done proselytizing --

If you're just logging on - you'll need to know about a surprise show, just added to the Lager House - that features Not In The Face - a fiery, sweatin & spittin duo churning out clattering, yowling blues punk and pummeling/swaggering rockabilly bluster.

They played Ferndale's Hybrid Moments last night... packing their prettily paroxysmal balladry into that modest music boutique, along with the comparably vigorous High Strung. But it's understanding if you missed it - considering that there were two, count 'em, two other music festivals happenin at that same time. (and maybe another that I'm forgetting? ...oh, yeah, RiverDays...)
In any case, they just added a show tonight-- at the Lager House.

Back to those other festivals: One was the Blue Moon in June (pictures to follow). The other was the Woodbridge Pub hosted Merrick'N'Trumbull fest - which featured a particularly piquant new performer 'round these parts, called Phantom Cats. A singer with plenty of range, lofting up to playful falsettos here but digging down deep for throaty groans there, marries elegance to the guttural; with an uncanny knack for fusing the manic and lively shred of punk to the cerebral percolations of jazz. It's zinging with flavors - and sturdily outfitted with tight rhythms, scorching guitar splays and dazzling vocal displays.
They sound like this:

Summer Spirit by PHANTOM CATS

If you weren't at the Blue Moon, or at Woodbridge, or at Hybrid Moments - it's likely you were at Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr's release party...

Here's documentation of my favorite Prussia song (at least off the latest/still-technically-unreleased-album), compliments of photographer Trever Long

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