Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GLOSSIES - Phantom Films - ~ - June 12 @ The Loving Touch

Anyone familiar with the work of OFFICE knew that singer/songwriter Scott Masson was capable of crafting, competently, keenly, almost inherently, minor masterpieces of pop-rock pizazz.

A bemusing and subtly calculating mind that meticulously, discernibly considered the minute merits of numerous sonic nuances and knew how to still give some edge to the grinning disposition of major keys.

Anyone familiar with the work of OFFICE, also knew that certain words replicated themselves upon the write-up sheets churned out by the weeklies in their hometown Chicago or on blogs across the burgeoning Internet-scenes of the mid-00's... that the sound was "glossy."
Dig the latest single (and, also, my personal favorite "glossie" track: "The Opportunist")
GLOSSIES - The Opportunist by DC/Milo

You can read the full interview with Scott in a forthcoming post on The Patch - wherein, the Milford, MI-raised songwriter talks about the combustion of his old band in the face of major-label-wrought compromises and scene politics, as well as his descent into a nervous breakdown that left him bedridden for majority time of a calendar year.

In this detachment from the scene and all other similar distractions, he worked himself back to health, physically/mentally -even writing while under the fleeting bleakness of those bed covers- and started crafting a heavily surreal "pastiche" of songs, with no set guidelines for composition and with an elevated inflection upon some more diary-esque (more pesonal, if you will) lyrics, but dashing in dips into the deep-end of out-of-body/self-effacing "character studies" -some kind of musical montage.

Thus - GLOSSIES' - Phantom Films - which will see a proper release asap - and has its completion tacitly celebrated June 12th @ the Loving Touch (with The Pop Project and Jeremy Messersmith.)

Masson is ready to return, now, with a full band backing these glossie tunes. "It's funny, because the record is a study in narcissism. So, you would think that spending time alone in my basement would lend itself to even more narcissism but that's the ironic part about this whole thing - in literally cutting myself off from life - and youth culture, and all that, I was able to really grow up, finally."

"(A nervous breakdown) forces you to just stop what you're doing. You have to back out. So you can then take a step forward into the future. It all ended up being a very positive thing."

A surreal slide into the kaleidoscoping persona's, peaks, valleys and boundaries of the subconscious... Masson has done it again.

A different kind of glossie........

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