Sunday, June 19, 2011


Ted Leo has little to do with Father's Day. But, for the sake of "music news," I can tell you that he has a new song, ("The Little Smug Supper Club") recently performed (and produced) via something called Room 205 (...which, for the Detroit scene, could compare to our Throwback Media, in terms of mission, mode and mentality). + -a new song from Mr. Leo likely means that the soulful punk-folk/articulate agitator will likely be unveiling a new album within a season or two.

Now then, what does have-(plenty)-to-do with Father's Day is NPR's All Songs Considered's special program "Songs for Father's Day." Listen.
Listener's Dad's and Grandpa's cooked up personal playlists. I'm a sucker for such endearing things.


My dad's personal favorite? As always, for him, it's the Ventures.

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