Wednesday, June 22, 2011

View to a Kill(ing of One's Idols)

Addendum's to the preceding post (below), compliments of Scottie Stone (who drums for Pupils / Dutch Pink / Marco Polio / Eleanora / and I think a couple more that I'm forgetting):

Vainglory is the symptom, mediocrity the disease. - from The Observer.


The Crass film directed by Alexander Oey


Living in the post-everything/post-history world can often stir up melodramatically exasperated fits -which is probably symptomatic of my constant reading of history, or reading/re-reading of famous "music writing" by seminal scribes of the late 60's/early-70's - (my personal fav). If often results in elevated anxiety to experience (and thus, what? be cleansed? be reborn? have our collective consciousnesses shifted?)....experience the leap forward - the great reformation.

Don't tell me your a blogger. Don't tell me you have a punk rock sound. Tell me something completely different. Tell me you've mutated. Tell it to me in an alien language. Scare me.

Paradigm shifts --of sensibilities, styles, scenes, etc - do happen - What is the shape of this shapeless-internet-music-world--to come?

What are the monuments, anymore? Who is still listening to the Fleet Foxes, the Morning Jackets, the Bon Ivers... are they pushing it? Is Odd Future pushing it?


Get out thine hammers and pound out some new shapes, already...

Sorry, I'll try to be more patient.
And, rightly, to remind myself, that it's out there - in the crevices and often active at midnight, nesting in unassuming places perceived as shady or unconventional.

Being stuck in internet world, fighting frightening compulsions to keep-up-appearances on facepages and the like, leaves us so ready, waiting and hungry for something of substance that we sometimes let it slip by when it actually, finally gets "posted."
Or I don't know,--I worry about that sometimes...

Damned internet. Makes me jittery.

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