Thursday, June 9, 2011

Part of Being Human

"Music is part of being human, and there is no human culture in which it is not highly developed and esteemed."

Neurologist, Author and Professor of Psychiatry, Oliver Sacks, wrote about the curious powers of music upon the brain in his 2007 study, Musicophelia...

"It's very ubiquity may cause it to be trivialized: we switch on a radio, switch it off, hum a tune, tap our feet, find the words to an old song going through our minds, and think nothing of it."

And now that I've read it, these lines impacted me. Or, maybe just thinking, intensely, soberly, appreciatively, about the impact, over all, that music can have...'s disturbing how easily it could go unappreciated.

" those who are lost in dementia, the situation is different. Music is no luxury to them, but a necessity, and can have a power beyond anything else to restore them to themselves, and to others, at least for a while."

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