Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not the "cutz" we'd like to see...

An addendum to John Dunivant's interview (below). Concerning Mr. Dunivant (current recipient of the 2011 Kresge Arts Fellowship), response concerning much of the friction wrought upon venues like Theatre Bizarre (or the Trumbullplex, or the Detroit Hostel) being due to City Officials "not talking to each other..."

Read today's Free Press ~ The Front Page bears a quote from Mayor Dave Bing reacting to the City Council's rejection of a budgetary compromise to restore $30 million to the '11-'12 spending plan, after having cut $50 million a month prior:
"The Time For Talk Is Over"

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing cuts off budget talks after City Council rejects compromise

Read Stephen Henderson's take from the op-ed section.

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