Friday, March 11, 2016

Favorite Local Songs of 2016 So Far....

Mix-tape time...

So, instead of pining over SXSW or moping that you can't afford to go this year or just couldn't get time off of work, why not, instead, just sit down for 80 minutes, with this blog open on your Internet tab and stream through some of the sensational songs that have been released by regional artists, from around Detroit and Michigan, in just the last four months...

I mean, this is just the first quarter of 2016 and it's already shaping up to be an exceptional year. While I have 22 songs picked out here, there are easily 22 or 23 more that I am missing...

Now, you'll have a bunch of blogs and zines out their bumping buzzy Brooklyn bands that you CAN'T MISS at SXSW or other scenes that are slinging scintillating new sounds that you just HAVE TO have on your playlists...But THIS WEEKEND..., let's just hang in our own backyard, and appreciate all the fine music that's been released locally, so far, in 2016.

Ancient Language - "Sailing Stones"

Landmarks - "Trapped"

Mic Write - "Chilluminati"

Congress - "Haunts Yr Brother"

Nigel & The Dropout -ft Passalacqua - "Rea

Microphone Phelps - "Holy Hallelujah"

Chris Bathgate - "Calvary"

Stef Chura - "Faded Heart"

Belle Isles - "Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love?"

Deadbeat Beat - "I Don't Wanna"

Phantom Cats - "Words"

Walking Beat - "Late Bloomer"

Illingsworth - "Mr Glow Body"

Codgers - "Town's Gone Down"

Earth Engine - "Remain"

Willa Rae & The Minor Arcana - "Love's Wastin' My Time"

King Milo - "Scarcetti" 

Libby DeCamp - "Put The Kettle On"

Du Nord - "I-84"

Voyag3r - "Raise Your Shields"

Moonwalks - "Steam Train"

Carmel Liburdi - "Big Mistake"

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