Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 - 20 - Wild Beasts - Still Life Still - Crofoot

South England's hootin, howlin' atmospheric glam-pop outfit Wild Beasts pay a visit to the Crofoot Saturday night (2/20) joined by Canadian indie-rockers Still Life Still -

Wild Beasts, through their years have been considered a band that can be a bit polarizing - connected, as most often noted, to the distinct yowling falsetto of it's lead singer prancing and bleating over shining guitars and punchy post-rock drums - all that "acquired taste" stuff can be exasperating - since, one hopes, in this age when fat cats no longer try to push "familiar" things on you for the quick sell and instead blogs hold influence by giving out mp3's for your free sample, that, all...or most bands, are acquired tastes...

Wild Beasts - "All the Kings Men"

Anyway - check it out - even if Pontiac is a long drive for you Detroit-set hipsters, England's even further away...

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