Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wonderland Continues Next Weekend - Hastings Street Ballroom - 1/8 - 1/9

The rabbit hole goes deeper and Alice stays lost in the dreamy upside-down world of Wonderland for a few more days – as the troupe of artisans that have now twice put on weekend’s-worth of performances interpreting Alice’s adventures in Wonderland via a guerilla-style psychedelic-rock-n-roll variety show of dance and music, featuring a number of local artists, spanning burlesque dancers, exotic dancers, belly dancers, bungee-dancers, singers, musicians and two mad tea guzzlers hanging from hooks, will continue for another weekend of shows – an encore batch of performances following this past weekend’s string of sets at the Hastings Street Ballroom. (715 West Milwaukee, in Detroit)

You can read about it here or here and find info from Theatre Bizarre or the Wonderland site (whoooareyou) – for tickets – head over to Showtime Vintage (at 5708 Woodward, in Detroit) – tickets are $22, with performances Friday (1/8) and Saturday (1/9) – with doors opening at 9pm.

We’re all mad here.

Photo: Trever Long

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