Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ypsi Band Showcase - 1 / 22 - Elbow Room

Hallway (above) is a new classic-pop/soul-leaning project fronted by singer/guitarist Jeffrey Freer (formerly of another band known by his last name), with bassist Jessica Sacks and drummer Nick Adams. They have an album on the way, playing off (or through) their band name, called "The Rugs."

They're playing as part of a bill (inside the unique ambience: dim and mysterious at one end, laser-light-show-and-loud at the other) of The Elbow Room in Ypsilanti - that features three other bands from that area: The scratchy folk and art-rock of Ferdy Mayne, the post-hardcore-leaning indie rock of Brass Tacks - and, also joining the line up is Derby Mama. (Who can't be found, momentarily on a Google search, but, we'll see...)
Come experience Ypsilanti, what Wikipedia assures me is "the Brooklyn to Ann Arbor's Manhattan."

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