Thursday, December 30, 2010

Currently Listening: Bad Indians

For the year-in-review (of music) - you can go ahead and check Pitchfork.

For now, I'd rather just muse on the music that I missed - in 2010. Namely, Bad Indians. If you don't know by now - then I'll direct you to the I Know Why The Coytoes Cry blog - where you can download the surf-psyche bliss of their cassette, Don't Hang That (On Me) - and an EP - Live From the Burial Mound (<--read a review of it, from Terminal Boredom)- the Coyote-blog is the online info source for the Ypsi-quartet's fledgling label On The Make Music.

Echo fuzz eruptions - surf-punched drum beats - an effervescent cresting over of reverb - rhythms you could shimmy to, crescendos you could tumble to, and swimming just below the surface, sunburst melodies - ripe with tambourine clatters, harmonica wheezings and organ hums. All you psyche-surf/grimy-blues n' garage geeks know the flavors - from Seeds or the 13th Floor Elevators, up to the Strange Boys or the Oh Sees - this is your new high...

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