Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sounds & Spirits - 12/23 - Magic Stick

Transpose the cozy family holiday gathering, sweater-hugged and scarf-wrapped with a dollop of rummy nog on your reddened nose, into the Magic Stick – and replace your obnoxious cousins and inappropriate uncle with 21 local rock bands and substitute your kitchen for dual stages lined with half-empty beer bottles.

Effectively evoking those warm, tingly, and cheesy good times we all rode high upon in our youths of watching Rankin & Bass claymation and soave/sloppy/star-studded Christmas variety shows, the Detroit Sounds & Spirits Olde-Fashioned Holiday Spectacular has been the premier holiday celebration for Detroit's music community for 9-years-running.

All proceeds benefit COTS - Coalition for Temporary Shelter - which provides emergency shelter for single men, women and families in need, working with them to help them become economically self-sufficient.

S&S Alumni include Brendan Benson, Jack White, Blanche, the Waxwings and, of course, American Mars. The set up: 21 bands in a crossfire round robin of 6-7 minute sets, squeezing out one or two holiday-themed tunes upon dual red/green-lit stages up in the Magic Stick. This year promises a handful of brow-raising special collaborations between bands...

Johnny "Modular" Headband? ...Sleigher? ...Santa Wolf Crystal? Keep your ears and eyes peeled.

The full line-up:
The Hard Lessons
Johnny 'Modular' Headband
Millions of Brazilians
Destroy This Place
American Mars
The Meltdowns
The Barrettes
Computer Perfection
Red Iron Orchestra
The Pop Project
The Cold Wave
Isosceles Mountain
Citizen Smile
The Last Supper
Hysteric Narcotics
Old Empire
The Swamp Sisters
Santa Wolf Crystal

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