Sunday, December 26, 2010

HandGrenades - Three Cheers for the Wonder Years - 1/28 - Magic Stick

As we turn over to a new year, the HandGrenades are singing "Auld Lang Syne" to their own "Wonder Years" with their new EP.

You can play it through like a fuzzy daydream recollection to scattered snapshots wistfully replaying the lovelorn heart aches, bemused anger, defiant exertiveness and finding-thyself-catharsis so akin to the keen histrionics of youth. Most of these tunes follow the classic recipe for a power-pop punch fest, tightly wrung riffs, syrupy reverb, surfing bass lines and propelling drums -

To distinguish from being too derivative, HandGrenades put their own touches on it - like that blurring sunny lead guitar soaring over its gruffer, more blues-toned counteract ("So Down"), or maybe it's the tastefully sassy touch of an airy, melodious organ ("Over You") - and their strong harmonies always sweeten the pot ("See You Round"). Plus, most of the time you can almost dance to this stuff - or at least swing!

Aside from that, the sound of the record acheives the proper sonic dynamics to match the vigor of the HandGrenades's popped-up rock n roll, mixed by Kevin McMahon (Marcata Recording, NY, see: Walkmen / French Kicks). They laid down the tracks around town, with Josh Wheeler at Fitter Happier Studios and will be releasing it on Sound Artifacts Music.

HandGrenades - 1/28 - Magic Stick -

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Anonymous said...

These guys are cute. i think i've seen them on the Disney channel. Great pop music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!