Thursday, December 9, 2010

Copper Thieves II ( - 12/18 - Belmont)

Copper Thieves:
Tightly wound, indelible hooks! Riffy glory! Twanged out reverb-soaked solos and that quick, punching, monosyllabic poetry characteristic to the power-pop praxis. Driving rhythms and guitars with plenty of 'tude - whether it's a soulful swagger, a cathartic punk tear or a sunny slide - you can bet that with Copper Thieves, it's gonna come out catchy...

The quartet (drummer Andy Roy, guitarist John Nelson, guitarist Christian Doble, bassist Tony Rochon) are releasing their 2nd proper full length LP, simply titled II. Release show - 12/18 - Belmont (in Hamtramck)

Helping them unveil this latest opus:

Mood Elevator

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