Monday, December 20, 2010

Six Degrees of Peaches (sorta): Video premier + Bars of Gold + post-X-mas-show at Berkley Front

1 The Satin Peaches had planned to premiere a Tour Film...but apparently it failed. And, as that news was the original basis of this post - I can still start a loose, rambling 'six-degrees of separation' string to report on other bands and news...starting from The Satin Peaches. And while I have no tour video for you - there is this colorful clip (via SingleBarrelDetroit) below - (view more from SBD here)

Red from SINGLE . BARREL . DETROIT on Vimeo.

2 -->TSP's next show is the annual cozy/crazy coalescence of Michigan bands known as Mittenfest - (playing around midnight on 12/30 - day 1 of a 4-day festival!)

3 -->Mittenfest, meanwhile will be featured at 4 - Woodruff's, the new music venue in Ypsilanti (currently inheriting the torch of the Elbow Room/Savoy) - and before Mittenfest, @ Woodruff's, on Thursday (12/23) - Bars of Gold (pictured) will perform - alongside the Oscillating Fan Club / Mister and JWPP.

(Bars of Gold, pictured above (photo by Lo-fi Bri), during a dual-performance where the world was blessed with a return from the torrential/terrific Wildcatting). (In attendance for this show, ^pictured above, at the Loving Touch, were at least one member of Illy Mack and one member of Dutch Pink...which will help lead into (5))

-->The Satin Peaches, meanwhile, recently released a 7" single (for "Red") on Five Three Dial Tone - part of a dual-release paired with soul/pop duo Illy Mack......5 - Illy Mack--meanwhile, will be playing the day after X-Mas (12/26) at the 6 - Berkley Front. This show, also featuring Forget, is part of blues/rock quartet Dutch Pink's traditional Boxing Day soiree at the Front; always a good way to close out the holiday.

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Unknown said...

Can someone please explain how a mediocre (at best) band can get so much attention? I'm getting annoyed hearing about the same boring bands with uninteresting songs who prance around with their cocky rock star attitudes, and their embarrassing makeup and costumes. Of course the satin peaches are playing mittenfest. They play at every festival in the area along with the other shitty regulars. You can just about predict the line-up for these events. Is this the best Detroit has to offer?