Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bevlove "Do What I Say"

I emailed Bevlove back in march, the morning our interview went live on the Detroit Free Press' website. I wanted to run that headline by her before things were finalized; I wanted to make sure it didn't sound too bold or too audacious. No, she said it was perfect... Bevlove does know "...what she wants...and how she's going to get it."  That is the case... It's a matter of propulsion, of velocity, of determination.

Bevlove (otherwise known as Beverly Johnson), has, over the last three years, established herself as one of the preeminent R&B artists in Detroit. Several attributes assure she stands out, from her powerful voice, to her stunning outfits, her dynamic choreography to the empowering lyrics, not to mention the exceptional string of producers with whom she's collaborated. But above it all, it's Bevlove's determination, that's gotten her this far... I mean, pure talent and a supportive family also helped. But Bevlove is dauntless. There's strength here...

And there's admirable daring in the energizing aesthetic of the Right Bros. new music video for "Do What I Say." This is the lead single off of Bevlove's forthcoming EP Talk That Shit. Johnson wrote and performed the track at Assemble Sound, collaborating with Antea Shelton; produced by SYBLING and mastered by Jon Zott.

Bevlove | Do What I Say from The Right Brothers on Vimeo.

Par for the course when it comes to the Detroit duo (Right Brothers), there's plenty of quick cuts, cinematic set-ups, fantastic imagery and atmospheric cinematography. But, as they've demonstrated with other outlets like The Detroit Journal, the filmmaker's specialty is augmenting the frame around the subject, i.e. the performers... (And there are more than a dozen, often on screen at the same time). The face, body, movements and the uncanny auras of each woman on screen, particularly Bev. But any fan of local hip-hop or R&B will likely recognize the comparably impressive artists behind her, amping things up).

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