Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Young Punk - Something Like A Drug

It's been one of those days. I just need to clear my head... More than that, I almost need to get the whole mental motherboard back online. The hard reboot. Need to come down, need to be carried, need to come back drowning in fresher, sharper thoughts... 

Man, I'm glad for a band like Young Punk at a time like that... Not necessarily a pick-me-up, not particularly the walking-on-sunshine, me-time anthem. The Detroit trio are closer to space-rock or ambient-soul than they are straight-up trip-hop. You know what, they perfectly self-apply the term: "dream-hop..." And the overall affect is soothing, but the production weaves rewarding textures of several drum samples, coiling guitar reverberations and meditatively-funky basslines to the soundscape to keep you from drifting to far into the daydream's abstracted stratospheres....It's Nick Van Huis behind that vaporous guitar's hum and quiver, while Stephen Stewart has this expressive style of forming vibrant bass sounds that murmur and coolly clasp. But it's vocalist Taijah Johnson's starry-night serenades and breathy intonations that are glimmering brightest, here... 

I started off talking about how this new EP from Young Punk aided in a bit of escapism for me...But it was a natural response; I wasn't trying to tie it directly to the title of this new batch of songs. But, Something Like A Drug...fits perfectly. No side-effects. 

Something Like A Drug went live today on the streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and more! 

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