Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dear Darkness - Get It Here

Dear Darkness have new music for you....

Over the last three years, guitarist/singer Stacey Macleod and drummer Samantha Linn have edged their way into nice, noisy niche of post-punk dissonance, no-wave eccentricity, gutsy glam and nostalgic-pop, with lots of shredding, howling and head-bangable beats. MacLeod said she's been working on these lyrics since she was 15; with an overarching theme that meditates upon the glamour of rock 'n' roll, like belting out ballads, wringing out riffs, dancing and daydreaming, making out and acting tough, spilling drinks in dark bars beside bright stages and smoking cigarettes out in the alley.

The band releases this new EP of songs in time for their show on Saturday with Double Winter, a Detroit-area quartet who also recently finished new recordings. Their new EP Watching Eye will be out sometime in early summer. Take a listen

Both Dear Darkness and Double Winter worked with Ypsi-based engineer Ben Collins (otherwise known as the frontman of Minihorse). Dear Darkness, meanwhile, had their latest songs mastered by Jim Diamond. Joining them for Saturday's performances at El Club is Blood Stone

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