Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mango Lane's TV Feelings out June 9

Mango Lane releases TV Feelings June 9
The Loving Touch
Release Party with Cosmic Light Shapes, Shiver, & Jimmy OhioMore info

Detroit-based quintet Mango Lane stoke this mellow kinda mirth. Their's is a groove that glides....the kind of potentially-party-starting funk that you could also listen to over breakfast...

Take a track like "Miami Madness," from the upcoming TV Feelings.... 

Their percussive arrangements have this balls-of-the-feet buoyancy, it's all high-hat clasp and effervescent synth purrs, with elastic basslines and smooth falsetto/mid-range croons. These are dulcet, tuneful dance tracks that could also just play it cool and hang back in the lounge if you'd like them to, or maybe cut a bit of a rug when you're ready, otherwise, it's just sleek, tranquil tumblers.

Jack Engwall and Austin Carpenter both play guitar, keyboard and sing, while Ben Zaporski is on drums, Cameron Kowalke plays bass and Adam Gregersen provides sax and percussion. Engwall and Carpenter have been friends for a long time, and they started seeding the roots of Mango Lane six years ago. The words they used to describe their ardor for music and collaborative songwriting were: "...absolutely obsessed."

More than that, as I'd already indicated their pleasing sensibility for chill post-disco/serene-funk/outre-AM-pop vibes, they seem sincerely bent on spreading positivity and, yes, love, through their music and performances.

Mango Lane play next Thursday at the Loving Touch

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