Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brilliant Violence

Early on, this last Spring, at the Atlas Bar...I was handed a burned disc inside a crinkled sleeve of cardboard, with BRILLIANT VIOLENCE -VOL. 1 scribbled fervently upon it. It was miniamlist, spacey, guitar pop, intermingled with airy, scuffed up noise experimentations.

It looks like it's blossomed into Detroit's murkier answer to Twin Shadow -via The Spiritual Forest - - bolstered by the rawn, fuzzy eloquent guitar tears of Justin (Audio) Walker - often seen riding the sidecar of musical motorcycles like Black Jake & the Power Crystals and the Electric Fire Babies - but also spearheading the loud, tumbling blues psychedelia of High Speed Dubbing.

"Spiritual Forest" is hazy Velvet Underground spliced with sedated Faust; "New Pattern" prances along a cute new wave beat with wavy surf guitar's jangle and "Not So Secret Beach" is raw, sometimes atonal shimmy, with a keyed-up gutiar riff keeping pace with gurgling synths - with Walker mostly staying in his mid-range croon throughout.

Here's what I was digging:

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